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Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR

♦Steady management
1992 JCG Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in Tainan
Beginning of OEM manufacturing of bent pipes, combined with the needs of the locomotive industry, gradually entered the field of metal processing.
Deeply cultivating market demand and obtaining technical positioning recognized by metal processing from all walks of life, innovative and forward-looking research and development capabilities have become the leader of metal processing, planning short, medium and long-term business strategies, and demonstrating the active and stable operation of JCG Industrial Co., Ltd. .

Business territory
Material processing Forging,Casting,Powder Metallurgy
Forming processing Hot and cold rolled plates; drawn and extruded pipes
Material characteristic processing Heat treatment, aging treatment, anode treatment
Machining Milling, CNC, Grinding, Stamping, Cutting, Welding
Surface treatment Electroplating, electric writing, powder, liquid baking varnish

♦Diversified communication
Three topics of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee:
Green operation Energy saving and carbon reduction, environmental maintenance and sustainable operation
Customer relations Customer real-time interaction management, product credit and quality, become a bargaining chip for customer victory
Employee Care Employee relations, employee welfare, education and training, occupational safety and health

♦Group value creation
Customer satisfaction has always been an important indicator of business operations. Customer peace of mind and confidence in metal products is the manufacturing philosophy that the Group has always upheld and adhered to.
The closeness of metal will be the next milestone of the group's efforts (active protection system, intimate butler). Let us create the highest value of metal together.

♦Employee health care
Children-like employees grow up with the group family. Implement human rights protection, occupational safety and health personnel training.

♦Society Prosperity and Goodness
Environmental protection and the creation of metal that is lighter, thinner, harder, and closer to people's hearts.